Lawsuit on Videos

Here are few if not all thousands of lawsuits on videos. Enjoy! you might learn a few things or more.

In law, a lawsuit is a civil action brought before a court in which the party commencing the action, called the plaintiff, seeks a legal or equitable remedy. One or more defendants are required to respond to the complaint of the plaintiff. If the plaintiff is successful, judgment will be given in the plaintiff’s favor, and a range of court orders may be issued to enforce a right, award damages, or impose an injunction to prevent an act or compel an act. A declaratory judgment may be issued to prevent future legal disputes.

A lawsuit may involve dispute resolution of private law issues between individuals, business entities or non-profit organizations. A lawsuit may also enable the government to be treated as if it were a private party in a civil case, as plaintiff or defendant regarding an injury, or may provide the government with a civil cause of action to enforce certain laws.

The conduct of a lawsuit is called litigation.