Yamaha Rhino: More & More Lawsuits Being Filed

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Yamaha Rhino Lawsuit Defective Products

Yamaha Rhino: More & More Lawsuits Being Filed

Yamaha, the manufacturer of the Rhino, an all terrain vehicle (ATV), started seeing lawsuits being filed against it almost immediately after the Rhino was introduced five years ago. The number of lawsuits continues to increase as consumers continue to suffer serious injuries.
Serious injuries
Consumer groups say that serious injuries have occurred – and continue to occur – because Yamaha’s Rhino was rushed to market and is defectively designed.
Rushed to market. Experts say that Yamaha’s Rhino, which was meant to be used in rugged terrain, around a ranch or on flatland, was rushed to market after its competitor, Kawasaki, introduced the Mule – a similar vehicle. In order to get the Rhino to market quickly, Yamaha simply used the engine and chassis from its Grizzly – an ATV it already had on the market.
Experts say that Yamaha never adequately tested the vehicle before putting it on the market. While the company began seeing complaints – and lawsuits – it offered to install safety features to the vehicles. The only official recal has been for 2008 models because of problems with a brake caliper that causes brake fluid to leak.
Defectively designed. Yamaha’s rush to get the Rhino onto the market more quickly left little time for it to be effectively designed. The vehicle has a very high center of gravity and a very narrow wheel base and has a propensity to rollover – often crushing the driver or passengers’ limbs due to a lack of safety features such as doors or handles (which were only offered recently) to keep occupants inside of the vehicle. Unfortunately, many consumers didn’t realize this until it was too late.
If you’ve had an accident while being an occupant in the Rhino, click here to contact a Yamaha Rhino attorney at AttorneyPages.com.

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