What is it about welding rods that causes medical problems?

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Medical Problems And Welding Rods Injury Law

What is it about welding rods that causes medical problems?

Welding rods, and the welding process, can cause a number of injuries: arc rays from the welding process can injure eyes and burn skin, one can be harmed by electric shock, and welding fumes and gases can be dangerous to your health in many ways, which is the focus of current litigation.

Welding rods contain heavy metals. These become airborne when the welding rod is burned. There are a number of substances in welding rods that are dangerous, including manganese, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen chloride, molybdenum, silicon, chromium and nickel compounds. People exposed to welding fumes absorb these substances into their bodies primarily through inhalation of the fumes, eyes, and/or skin. This occurs when welders are working in confined spaces without proper ventilation. Once ingested, people suffer a multitude of symptoms: dizziness, nausea, dryness or irritation of the nose, throat or eyes, fume fever characterized by chills, fever, upset stomach, vomiting, irritation of the throat and aching of body, metallic taste, tightness in the chest, allergic reactions, irritation of the respiratory tract, lung damage and asthma-like problems. Swallowing chromium salts can cause severe injury or death. Dust on skin can form ulcers. Eyes may be burned by chromium (VI) compounds. Silicon dust and fumes may cause irritation of the respiratory system, skin and eyes; molybdenum causes irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.

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