Honda Recalls 13,000 Off-Road Motorcycles

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Honda Recalls Off Road Motorcycles Defective Products

Honda Recalls 13,000 Off-Road Motorcycles

American Honda Company (Honda) has recalled approximately 13,000 off-road motorcycles due to issues relating to the failure of the bike’s swing arm. Although Honda says that is hasn’t received reports of any injuries due to the defect, consumer advocate groups are likely to praise the company for acting quickly and responsibly. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers do the right thing.
Details of the recall
Honda has recalled approximately 13,000 off road competition motorcycles that were sold at Honda dealers nationwide from September 2006 to October 2008 involving model year 2007/2008 Honda CRF150R/RB. The models retailed for approximately $4350.
Honda instituted the recall after it received reports that the weld on the right side of the vehicle’s swing arm failed in some instances. Although no injuries have been reported, the defect can cause riders to lose control of the bike, crash and sustain serious injuries or death. The company is contacting customers and telling them to stop using these model vehicles immediately and contact a Honda dealer to have the defect repaired for free. To contact Honda directly, call .
Product liability lawsuits
While consumer advocate groups are likely to say that Honda did the right thing by recalling its bikes after receiving notice of a defect, they are quick to point out that many other companies aren’t as responsible. In fact, many point to the Yamaha Corporation as being one of those companies. The Rhino, one of its best selling all terrain vehicles (ATVs) – or utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) as it is classified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) – has been linked to hundreds of injuries and deaths. However, the company has yet to recall the vehicle – maintaining that it is safe and that the injuries and deaths linked to it have been caused by driver or passenger error and have nothing to do with the vehicle itself. However, the CPSC recently announced that it is looking into the potential dangers of the Rhino.
Have you been injured?
If you’ve been injured by an unsafe or defectively designed or manufactured product, contact an experienced products liability attorney to discuss your situation. Consultations are free, without obligation and are strictly confidential.

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