ATV Accidents: An Everyday Occurrence

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Atv Accidents Everyday Occurrence Defective Products

ATV Accidents: An Everyday Occurrence

All terrain vehicles (ATVs) are responsible for thousands of death every year – many of them children. So, why are ATVs so dangerous and what do you do when you have been involved in an accident?
ATVs Causing Serious Injuries
ATV accidents seem to be an everyday occurrence. Tune into any local news show and chances are you’ll hear about several ATV accidents that caused serious injury or death. For example, in the news this week:
A nine year old North Dakota boy was killed while riding his ATV.
A 13 year old California boy was killed when his ATV rolled over.
Two Kentucky men fell off their ATV when it rolled over. While the passenger fell off and wasn’t hurt, the driver wasn’t so lucky. He, and the ATV, rolled down a 200 foot hill and he had to be hospitalized.
Last week, two Ohio teens had to be air lifted to a local hospital after a serious ATV accident and another Ohio man was hospitalized in a different accident.
Why are they so dangerous?
Some ATVs, such as the Yamaha Rhino, have been responsible for a greater number of injuries and deaths than others. The Rhino, in particular, has been linked to a variety of injuries due to its high center of gravity and a very narrow wheel base and has a propensity to rollover – often crushing the driver or passengers’ limbs due to a lack of safety features such as doors or handles to keep occupants inside of the vehicle. While newer models now include doors, many older models without doors are still on the road causing injuries.
Are manufacturers adequately testing ATVs?
Many consumer advocate groups say no – which is why so many accidents are reported each year. ATV manufacturers are required to test their products to ensure that they are safe for consumer use before they are released into the marketplace to make sure that any foreseeable hazards are addressed beforehand. Unfortunately, very few regulations exist to compel ATV manufacturers to conduct adequate testing – something that many consumers simply assume has been done until a loved one is injured, or worse yet, killed in an ATV accident.
What to do after being in an ATV accident
After seeking the proper medical treatment, it’s important to contact a lawyer whose practice focuses in this area of the law to see what options are available to you in the way of compensation. Contacting a lawyer about your situation is free, without obligation and strictly confidential. In addition, most lawyers in these types of cases work on a contingency fee basis, which generally means that they don’t get paid unless you recover damages. The same is true for any upfront costs such as medical records, hiring experts and investigating the accident – most lawyers advance those costs for you.
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