Are there any money damages that are unique to birth injuries?

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Birth Injury Money Damages Injury Law

Are there any money damages that are unique to birth injuries?

Money damages in a birth injury case-compared to other personal injury cases-are unique in the high dollar amounts and the expertise required in determining what the actual damages are. Lawyers usually have to hire a variety of experts, including economists and rehabilitation specialists, to come up with an amount. Additionally, in many states, parents are in a position to collect damages for either the value of their services in taking care of a disabled child, or what it will cost to have someone else do so. For example, if you have three other children and can’t adequately take care of them because the disabled child requires around the clock attention, you can recover what it will cost to hire a nanny or what it will cost you in lost income to take care of the child. Parents may also be able to recover damages for emotional suffering.

Seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney right away if you and/or your baby has suffered from birth injuries. You can have your case assessed for free by completing the Free Advice case evaluation form.

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