What is the registration process?

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Trademark Registration Process Copyright Law Intellectual Property

What is the registration process?

Registration with the Copyright Office includes the filing of a copyright claim application, payment of the $30 registration fee, and deposit of at least 2 copies of the work. Accelerated registrations are available for a fee that is substantially higher than that charged for routine registrations.

There are several different forms available and you must use the form corresponding to the type of work for which protection is being sought:

(1) Form TX for published or unpublished non-dramatic literary works

(2) Form VA for visual arts

(3) Form SE for periodicals and serial works

(4) Form SR for published or unpublished sound recordings

(5) Form PA for published or unpublished works of the performing arts

More information is available on the Copyright Office website at: http://lcweb.loc.gov/copyright.

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