Texas Divorce Resources & Statutes

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Texas-Divorce-Resources Divorce Law

Texas Divorce Resources & Statutes

If you would like to learn more about Texas divorce laws, research the Texas Code on your own, or simply need a lawyer specializing in Texas divorce law at this time, you will find the resources you need right here.
Texas Divorce Resources:
Texas District Courts: Divorces in Texas are filed in District Courts for the county where the party filing the divorce lives. While some district courts handle both civil and criminal cases (divorce being a civil matter), courts in more densely-populated areas may specialize in civil or criminal matters. Bexar, El Paso, and Travis counties all have some kind of free advice available for residents through the county.
Texas Divorce Forms and Self-Help Information Online: Texas LawHelp.Org provides self-help legal information and legal forms for the Texas general public.
Texas Domestic Violence Crisis and Support Resources: Contact information for Texas domestic violence shelters, crisis centers, safe houses, and violence prevention programs. Links to Texas Resources for legal aid, legal forms, Texas attorney general, law enforcement, child abuse, child support, social services, finding a lawyer, finding a counselor, and more.
Collaborative Law Institute of Texas: Provides information about the collaborative law process, a process by which couples end their marriage with attorneys, but without going to court. All matters are resolved in a less confrontational manner. CLI provides training for lawyers involved in this process and has a listing of collaborative law professionals in Texas.
Texas Mediation Services: Directory of mediators in Texas.
Texas Child Support Help-Office of the Attorney General: The official child support enforcement agency for the state of Texas, the Child Support Division may provide the following services, depending on the circumstances of each case: Locating a non-custodial parent; establishing paternity; establishing and enforcing child support orders; establishing and enforcing medical support orders; reviewing and adjusting child support payments; collecting and distributing child support payments.
Texas Legal Aid: Texas Legal Services Center provides links to state and federal legal aid resources and a legal hotline for Texans.
Texas Divorce/Child Support/Child Custody Lawyers:
Find an experienced Texas Divorce Attorney at AttorneyPages.com
Find an Experienced Texas Child Support & Custody Lawyer at AttorneyPages.com
Post your case to a Texas Divorce Lawyer
How a Family Lawyer Can Help
Texas Online Divorce Services:
Texas Online Divorce powered by 3 Step Divorce.
LegalZoom.com – An online documentation service that helps users file for divorce.
CompleteCase.com – Offers an affordable way to file for uncontested divorces online.
Free Advice Divorce Articles:
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Dividing Up Property in a Divorce: Community Property vs. Equitable Distribution
The Divorce Process: From Separation to Final Judgment
Ending a Marriage or Taking a Break
Effect of Premarital Agreements on Divorce
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Effect of Divorce on Estate Planning/Wills
Texas Family Law Statutes:
Texas Divorce:
Grounds/Fault – No-Fault: Texas Family Code Section 6.001-6.008
Residency/Where to File: Texas Family Code Sections 6.301-6.305
Divorce Mediation: Texas Family Code Section 6.602
Annulment: Texas Family Code Sections 6.101-6.203
Texas Divorce and Finances:
Property Division/Debts: Texas Family Code Sections 7.001-7.008
Spousal Support: Texas Family Code Sections 8.001-8.059
Texas Divorce and Children:
Child Custody: Texas Family Code Sections 153.001-153.434
Child Support: Texas Family Code Sections 8.001-8.059
Texas Divorce Laws: Click below to find the Texas Divorce laws you’re looking for:
Texas Divorce Law, Lawyers & Attorneys
Texas Divorce & Separation
Texas Divorce & Finances
Texas Divorce & Children

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