Are You Being Harassed By Junk Debt Buyers’ Unistates or Mann Bracken?

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Are You Being Harassed By Junk Debt Buyers’ Unistates or Mann Bracken?

It’s safe to say that no one likes being contacted by a debt collection company – even when that contact is civil. However, debt collection companies known as zombie creditors or junk debt buyers are doing much more than contacting debtors; they’re harassing them – and violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Unistates and Mann Bracken are two junk debt buyers that seem to be doing just that.
Unistates, formerly known as Account Management Services, First American Investment Company and United States Credit Agency, is a debt collection firm that has been around for a while and has been described as less-than-consumer-friendly by consumer advocate groups. In fact, famed debt collector consumer advocate, Bud Hibbs, says that consumer attorneys refer to the firm, run by Doug MacKinnon, as “Uni-snakes.” His website,, provides the following description:
The operations portion of the [Unistates] empire buys old, mostly out of statute debts, then puts his in-house operation to work to manufacture the documents needed to intimidate consumers. There are literally thousands of potential perjury charges [the firm.]
Hibbs’s website says that the western New York-based firm uses many young, unsuspecting attorneys to file the legal documents necessary. Unfortunately, many of these attorneys simply don’t know what they’re getting into – and when they realize it, they blow the whistle on the firm.
For additional information on the firm, see Hibbs’s website
Mann Bracken
Mann Bracken, a national debt collection firm based in Maryland whose attorneys are licensed in 24 states and the District of Columbia, may become one of the largest debt collection firms in the United States, according to consumer advocate groups. In fact, Bud Hibbs says that the firm uses arbitration to deprive debtors of their legal rights and gives credit card companies the upper hand in collection matters. However, according to his website, there are ways to deal with Mann Bracken effectively:
The key to dealing with Mann-Bracken is to DISPUTE the account within the first thirty days of receiving their written notice. Make a demand for all documents that substantiates their claim, including a copy of the arbitration clause. Send your dispute via certified mail, get a receipt, and keep a copy. DO NOT be intimidated by their threats!
Hibbs certainly doesn’t seem to be alone in his distaste of this company. Hundreds of consumers have posted comments on his site with their own horror stories of dealing with Bracken. Here are a few of them:
We have been getting calls from Mann Bracken. I have not talked to them but they call 1 or 2 times an hour, all day long.
Mann-Bracken are the lowest of the low. They sent a letter saying they had acquired an account from Chase. First let me state that the account was not mine. They claimed they were acting on behalf of Chase. Nope, and this will prove beyond any reasonable doubt, that they are 3rd party junk debt collectors. I had a copy from National Action Financial Services, where they tried to collect on the same account, I disputed it and guess who bought it? Low life bottom feeders at Mann-Bracken . Everyone who gets a letter from them, they send their mail in an envelope that looks like junk mail so many people just throw it away without reading it.
Mann-Bracken has a rep by the name of Olivia Rodgers who has been threatening my mother. She asked my mother how much she could pay and when she was given the figure, she started screaming at her that it was UNACCEPTABLE over and over again. She then began asking my mom all kinds of personal questions about her credit to debt ratio, where she works and how much she makes an hour.
Unfortunately, my mom didn’t know any better and told her all of this information because she threatened to sue her if she did not tell. She then stated to my mom that she needed to get a better job and asked her how she paid her car note each month. My mom stated that I helped her out, then little Miss Olivia demanded that my mom give her my number or get me on the phone immediately because I had better pay that bill . Olivia told my mom that if she did not pay the amount that she told her to pay, they where going to place a lien on her home and take her car.
Unfortunately, there are many, many more comments just like these – some even worse. To view the others, go to Hibbs’ website at
If you’re being harassed by a junk debt buyer, contact an experienced debtor’s right attorney to discuss your situation. Consultations are free, without obligation and are strictly confidential. You may be entitled to money damages under the FDCPA.
The content in this article was published with Bud Hibbs’ permission.

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